Pomme Dilliac

Tiny basket of trouble and pancakes


Age: 20
Race: Lightfoot Halfling
Class: Bard
Background: Charlatan
Alignment: Chaotic Good


Pomme grew up the oldest sibling and heir to the (wealthy) family business of running the Dilly Mead Inn. Her parents were stricter than most and wanted her to help with the inn since business was booming and they needed all the help they could get. Pomme was an adventurous kid and hated being forced to help with the inn. She often looked for any opportunity to cause some sort of mischief.

Despite resenting her job, she picked up a fair amount of innkeeping skills such as cooking, repair-work, and basic survival skills. Additionally she learned music and how to play several wind and string instruments.

Her mischievous side also lead her to learn deception, forgery, and persuasion, skills she enjoyed using much more often.

She basically lead a double life, one of strict family duty and one of freedom and self-service. Keeping both lives was exhausting but she felt it was the best way to make everyone happy since she still feels much loyalty to her family.

However one fateful day after much bickering and heated discussion, some customers at the inn discussed a passing caravan which smelled of rich adventure, so on a whim, Pomme gathered her things (and a few other things from the inn) and left to join the caravan to adventure.

She was stopped by Fraise, her younger sister who begged her to come back but Pomme convinced her to let her go while Fraise relayed the message back to her parents. Also I have written down that there is a horse named Hubert, I think that horse goes home with Fraise. Probably not important.

At this point while in the caravan Pomme meets the other members of the party and touts herself to be amazing and great while deep down she feels a bit of tension for leaving her family without warning. Her free-spirited desires are driving her now but she hopes that she hasn’t made a huge mistake leaving everything behind.

Also she is a freaking crack shot because she has never missed with her cross bow.

Also she is very into making pancakes.

Pomme Dilliac

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