Kallista Weaver

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Kallista Weaver
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Dark red skin with black accents, ala hellboy. two ram-like red horns. red, 6 foot long tail. mostly black hair with red accents. silver eyes

Kallista’s origin and real parents are mostly unknown to even her. She was abandoned at the door of an orphanage within Neverwinter when only a few months old. Her first name tattooed on her shoulder.
Her foster parents were jewel merchants in the low-end ward of NeverWinter city. Her mother (Ahnel) was a kind person who raised her as her own until the age of 8, when she died during a plague outbreak in the city. Kallista was taught well by her mother and took the experience in stride, vowing to remember her kind mother and honor her memory.
Her father (Delmar), however, did not take his wive’s death lightly. Delmar began drinking heavily and began to resent Kallista. In his drunken rages he would yell at Kallista and claim that had they not adopted the tiefling then they would have been able to move to the country and would have escaped the plague. On the worst of nights he would he would accuse Kallista of being the daughter of Demogorgon himself, sent to torment the Weaver family. Although she tried to stay positive, she developed a deep bitterness towards her foster father, and loathing towards herself and the pain she brought upon her family. 10:16 AM
The years passed and Kallista took more responsibility at the jewelry shop as her father’s addiction rendered him nearly useless. One day, she was preparing an order for one Bevil Starling. As she prepared the order a gang of ruffians entered the shop and demanded she hand over her gold and goods. She complied and fearfully cowered as they looted the shop. They relaxed and began to banter as they stuffed their bags full. They even noticed Kallista’s fearful state and began mocking the ‘demon spawn.’ The insults intensified. All the years of her father’s accusations soon entered Kallista’s mind as she endured the bandits’ insults. Soon, angry tears were freely falling down her face. All of the pain and guilt and frustration reached a boiling point inside of Kallista. Her mind seemed to snap as a ferocious scream escaped her mouth. The room suddenly plunged into inky blackness, but her natural darkvision allowed her to see as if it were mid-day. The bandits gasped in surprise at the sudden void of light. Her hand instinctively found the shaft of a nearby broom. She swung it with all her might at the nearest bandit, striking him in the temple. He fell backwards in shock. The other thieve’s were in a panic at the sound of their companion falling. Some drawing their blades. Two bumped into one another. The more skittish one lashing out with a shocked yell, cutting his companion. Kallista continued swinging her broom, striking a few bandits, causing them to jump more out of fear then physical pain. After a few frenzied moments, the darkness began to clear. The bandit’s all clamored towards the door, loot forgotten. Like rats escaping a feral cat they fled.
As soon as it seemed to start, Kallista was alone, panting while holding the broom like the fighters she had seen at the local fairs.
It all seemed so silly at that point. Kallista began to laugh, a noise that had not escaped her lips since her mother’s passing. The laughing turned again to tears of exhaustion and exhilaration; she had taken a stand for herself. She would no longer be held prisoner by her thoughts of guilt and shame. She would forge her own future.
At this moment, Bevil Starling walked in. A curious look on his face as he beheld the wreckage of the shop. Kallista immediately recognized Bevil as a fighter, in gleaming plate mail. She promptly asked him if he would take her on as an apprentice and teach her how to properly fight.
She proved to be a quick learner and soon became accustomed to the sword and other fighter weapons, using the accusations of her father and the memory of the bandit’s insults as fuel to power her training. She still helped her father run the jewl shop, but hired an attendant to transition the duty to as she spent more time training. She frequently tried to summon the darkness that appeared in her shop, but has since been unable to do so again.
Kallista’s confidence grew. She soon embarked on a journey to the far away lost mine of phendelver to gather jewels for her father’s shop. She also secretly hoped to find out more about her true heritage and forge her own path as an accomplished fighter.
One thing was for certain. She would use her new skills to look evil and injustice in the eye and beat it down so it could never hurt anyone again.

Kallista Weaver

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