Maximus Strife

As Knight-Defender of Atreides, this paladin wields his influence and presence for the good of the people.


Silvery hair, golden eyes. Stalwart posture. His armor is silvery and brilliant. He carries a two handed sword and wields it easily with one hand.


Not much is known about this stalwart champion of self-sacrifice. One can deduce, however, that some great vice or sin committed in his earlier life lead to him joining the Knights of Atreides. His life thereafter has been, like his brothers and sisters in the order, spent on the selfless service of others. It is only by this constant and unwavering dedication to that end that the Knights believe they can achieve forgiveness from the Gods for their heinous actions.

Maximus was in the pursuit of this object when he came upon a young man named Ben who had himself committed great sins. Upon reading his soul and judging his spirit damned but salvagable, like his own master had before him, he took him in chains to Atreidies Vigil, headquarters of the Knights of Atreides.

Ben became his apprentice and charge. Maximus began to teach and train his student both in body and spirit. Now they travel the world together seeking for those in need.

Maximus Strife

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